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BB Dakota

charlie gorrilla - BB Dakota
phone 213.488.9533
cell 612.802.5705

Meghan Jenzen - West Coast Major Sales
phone 213.488.9295
cell 310.569.1019

kendra coleman - jack by bb dakota
cell 949.413.7167

hayle roberts - cupcakes & cashmere
phone 213.596.7976
cell 760.583.9696

BB Dakota (Contemporary) 
BB Dakota is a modern lifestyle brand designed by Gloria and Katharine Brandes. Each of the women brings their distinct viewpoint to the design process, which is what gives the BB Dakota look its compelling duality. Gloria and Katharine are united in the goal of bringing good, smart design to strong women and to create clothing whose sexiness emanates from its subtlety and sense of humor.

Jack (Contemporary) 
The Jack sensibility is about uniting opposites - feminine and masculine, edgy but sweet, quirky and cool. The Jack look is effortlessly hip, and the girl who wears it has a penchant for mischievous fun. Jack is a young contemporary brand brought to you by BB Dakota.

Cupcakes and Cashmere (Contemporary) 
Cupcakes and Cashmere is the contemporary lifestyle brand created by Emily Schuman. Evolving from her popular and highly acclaimed website, the mantra of the brand is "Elevate Everyday Life," with a focus on aspirational, yet attainable style. The designs are classic, with subtle twists, providing special moments within each collection.