Cohen Showroom Inc.

(Suite 703)
Michael Cohen, Robin Cohen, Danielle Evans
Phone 213.627.8851
Fax 213.627.8852

Alt Phone: 213.627.8039
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Independent Sales Organization


AMV (Casualwear, Contemporary, Dresses, Made in USA, Loungewear, Pants/Bottoms, Resortwear, Sportswear, Tops, T-Shirts, Tunics) American made knitwear including t-shirts, sweaters, dresses & bottoms at highly competitive prices.

ATF (Activewear, Casualwear, Contemporary, Loungewear, Pants/Bottoms, Made in USA, Resortwear, Sweaters/Knitwear, Tops, Yoga, T-Shirts, Swimwear, Immediates, Sportswear, Shirts)   A whimsical collection of lounge and leisure wear. Perfect for beach, ski, yoga, etc.

Farmstead Vintage Flannels (Contemporary, Tops, Vintage, Casualwear, Immediates, Made in USA, Shirts)  Carefully created 100% vintage flannel shirts - assorted styles and colors.

Nomads & Artists (Casualwear, Coats/Outerwear, Contemporary, Denim/Jeans, Dresses, Made in USA, Pants/Bottoms, Sportswear, Sweaters/Knitwear, Tops, T-Shirts, Tunics) Eclectic collection inspired by artists everywhere. Includes denim, blouses, tops and jackets. 

Principle Denim Innovators (Contemporary, Denim/Jeans, Immediates, Made in USA, Casualwear, Pants/Bottoms) Well priced, American made premium denim from the makers of Red Engine Jeans.

Red Engine Denim (Contemporary, Denim/Jeans, Made in USA, Casualwear, Immediates, Pants/Bottoms) American made premium denim.