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Independent Sales Organization

Christa Louise (Scarves) -
Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind scarves made of wool, silk, cotton and linen, crafted by village women in Mexico who have perfected the art of Nuno Felting. This all-natural technique results in the puckering effect visible on the scarf.

Liquid Metal by Sergio Gutierrez (Accessories, Contemporary, Designer/Bridge, Handbags, Items, Jewelry, Leather) -
Famous designer collection of ball chain mesh bracelets, necklaces, chokers, earrings, rings, belts and handbags. Sergio's innovative concept transforms into his artistic vision of bold jewelry with vintage modern technology. This collection is prized for its comfort and originality meant to be worn daily, like a second skin. 

Lodis Handbags, Belts & Small Accessories (Accessories, Belts, Handbags, Leather, Immediates) -
Classic leather goods with an edge. Lodis stands for sophisticated, traditional craftsmanship and refined materials fused with a bold modern attitude and thoughtful attention to detail. Colorful, textured and vibrant, the Lodis collection of handbags, small accessories & belts honors our heritage moves forward with edge, confidence and style.

Sigalie Jewelry (Jewelry, Made In USA, Immediates) -
This beautiful line of necklaces and bracelets is hand made of gold, silk, leather, rare gemstones with Czech glass and Venetian beads. It has a blend of brass beads and glass beads, enchanted with Swarovski crystals.

Laura J Designs (Jewelry, Made In USA, Immediates) Unique collection of handcrafted, intricate and flawless detailed work rendered with a variety of metals and a vibrant assortment of semi-precious stones. Laura J. Designs ranges from stylish to sophisticated, antique to feminine sterling silver, copper and 14k gold laced with a diversity of stones. 

Nicole Miller Jewelry (Accessories, Designer/Bridge, Jewelry)  Unique silhouettes for any occasion from day to evening while incorporating femininity with an edge.

Mimsy Borogrove Designs - Delicate pave diamond collection. All handmade with oxidized sterling silver and gold filled mixed with an array of beautiful semi precious stones. 

Lancaster Paris - One of the leadin gnames in French leather goods. Fahsion conscious, innovative, and luxury are just a few of the keywors that describe Lancaster. The line's product range appeals to fashionistas who are always on the lookout for items that echo the latest trends. 

A. Healdsburg - Vivid and vibrant scarves made from local artists' masterpieces.

AV Max (Accessories, Jewelry) Trend fashion jewelry with semi precious stones.

BeJe Designs (Accessories, Designer/Bridge, Immediates, Jewelry)  The look of "real" fine jewelry with 14kt gold, gunmetal and silver plating.

Pliers & String (Accessories, Designer/Bridge, Jewelry) Handmade gold filed and sterling silver, artisan statement pieces that are delicate and timeless.

Vere (Accessories, Hair Accessories, Immediates)  The everlasting, snag-proof, re-shapable, waterproof hair band.