Crayola Sisters

(Suite 1003)
Lynne Andresevic
Phone 310.245.7264




Independent Sales Organization


Vanite Couture (Contemprary, Designer/Bridge, Dresses, Missy Sizes, Pants/Bottoms, Skirts, Tops, Tunics) Japanese inspired pleated sportswear and dresses.

Caraucci (Contemporary, Missy Sizes, Pants/Bottoms, Sportswear, Tops, Tunics, Yoga) Lifestyle yoga wear and after yoga items.

Hanna (Contemporary, Dresses, Missy Sizes, Pants/Bottoms, Shirts, Tops, Tunics) Oversized relaxed woven sportswear and item skirts and pants.

Saga (Contemporary, Dresses, Missy Sizes, Pants/Bottoms, Shirts, Sportswear, Tops, Tunics) Relaxed cotton woven sportswear, dresses. 

Rising Tide (Accessories, Contemporary, Items, Scarves) Hand printed and painted scarves.

Barbosa (Accessories, Belts, Contemporary, Items, Jewelry, Leather, Yoga) Made in Mexico jewelry and small leather items. 

Hipstirr (Accessories, Belts, Contemporary, Items, Jewelry, Leather)  Belts, belt bags and small leather items.

B. Hadakisumo (Contemporary, Dresses, Items, Made in USA, Pants/Bottoms, Sportswear, Tops, Tunics) Linen and linen blend oversized sportswear.