Emblem Showroom

(Suite 707)
Eveline Morel Cureteu
Phone 310.420.0125
Fax 424.281.6883
Email: emblem@emblemshowroom.com
Website: www.emblemshowroom.com

Elle Zeitoune  -  (Dresses, Eveningwear) Contemporary semi-formal cocktail dresses and evening/bridal dress line from Australia. 

Georgy Collections  -  (Dresses, Eveningwear, Items) Special occasion/cocktail dress line with a modern twist on classics.

Kalayci London - (Dresses) Special occasion/cocktail dress line that blends high style with attention to detail.

Single Dress  -  (Dresses, Resortwear, Tops) Day-into-night dresses and tops from LA-based line known for its prints and dressy/casual style since 1994.

Baruni  -  (Dresses, Items, Tops) Day-into-night clothing designed in Dubai for the global sophisticate.

Georgette  -  (Dresses Items, Tops) Day-into-night dresses and separates with a European twist, manufactured in Europe.

Betty & Veronica  -  (Accessories, Denim/Jeans, Items, T-shirts) Casual lifestyle line inspired by Archie Comics and Riverdale Universe

Kayo  -  (Accessories, Casualwear, Items, Resortwear, Tops) Resortwear and casual styles designed in the US, and handcrafted in sustainable small-production shops in Bali.

Paradise Ranch Designs  -  (Resortwear, Swimwear) Swim and resort lifestyle brand manufactured in LA.