Emblem Showroom

(Suite 707)
Eveline Morel Cureteu
Phone 310.420.0125
Fax 424.281.6883
Email: emblem@emblemshowroom.com
Website: www.emblemshowroom.com

Independent Sales Organization


Pelle d'Arte Leather  -  Leather clothing, shoes, handbags

Magdalena Duma  -  Women's contemporary dresses and separates. 

Talina Hermann  -  Women's contemporary dresses and separates. 

The Shanti Butterfly  -  Women's contemporary dresses and separates. 

Zhivago  -  Cocktail/Contemporary Dresses.

Pygmees  -  Women's contemporary dresses and outerwear.

TOV  -  Women's contemporary dresses and separates. 

Ashley Michaelsen  -  Women's contemporary dresses and separates. 

Elle Zeitoune  -  Women's contemporary dresses, cocktail, eveningwear.

Silvana K Jewelry  - Women's 

Micha Designs  - Jewelry

Alphamoment - Women's Contemporary Line. Dresses, Tops, Seperates - Day into Night.

Baruni - Women's Contemporary Line. Dresses, Tops, Seperates - Casual Dressy, Made in Dubai.

Naulover - Women's Contemporary Knitwear. Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Jackets. Daytime - Made in Europe.

SSIC and Paul - Women's Contemporary, Daytime Casual. Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Jackets. Made in Europe.

AMO - Women's causual lifestyle line. Tops and Bottoms. Made in Europe.

Mayrah - Women's luxe resort and casual lifestyle line from Australia.

Hels BCN - Women's handcrafted swimwear line from Barcelona.

Terry Kim - Women's Contemporary line, jersey dresses. Made in USA.

Kayo - Women's casual lifestyle line, crafted in Bali. Hand-painting and macrame details.

Betty & Veronica - Casual lifestyle line inspired by Archie Comics and Riverdale Universe. Denim, Jersey, Separates, Accessories.

Elle Zeitoune - Women's semi-formal/evening-wear line from Australia. Cocktail Dresses. Gowns.