Gabbiano Mens
(Suite 600)
Delano Bassam
Phone 310.940.3023

Gabbiano (Belts, Coats/Outerwear, Denim/Jeans, Leather, Loungewear, Men's Jewelry, Menswear, Pants/Bottoms, Shirts, Sportswear, Sweaters/Knitwear, T-Shirts, Urbanwear ) 

Like an archaeologist, after many obstacles, difficult to walk paths, rough areas, crawling through narrow caves, patience and a steel nerves; gets that one piece of the puzzle which he has waited so restless for to find. That way the designers of Gabbiano are working each time to dig in the depths of their souls and imaginations to find that what they have in mind and give it a face, body, and color, until the design is looking perfect so it meets the needs of the Gabbiano style. It is a process with a lot of difficulties that requires a lot of “out of the box” thinking and quite a lot of patience to get the required results. This mission could only be fulfilled again and again if there is love and passion for this craftsmanship. In this development, the Gabbiano quality can only be guaranteed when the entire process, from the design table till the end product, is under our own supervision. This way we can test our strict quality requirements at different stages during the process. The designers and quality controllers of Gabbiano are professionals who perform at Gabbiano not only as developers but also as lifestyle trendsetters.