Jacob Gray Agency

(Suite 401)
Phone 213.973.7535
Fax 916.864.1409
Email: showroom@jacobgrayagency.com
Website: www.jacobgrayagency.com

Independent Sales Organization

Kersh (Dresses, Shirts, Skirts, Sweaters/Knitwear, Immediates) - Young contemporary line featuring sweaters, blouses, skirts and dresses with a laid-back, sexy, cool vibe.

Press (Dresses, Shirts, Skirts, Sweaters/Knitwear, Immediates) - Contemporary line breathes fresh sexiness into everyday sweaters, blouses, skirts and dresses.

Nanavatee (Dresses, Skirts, T-Shirts, Immediates) - Tees, skirts and dresses in slub, combed and ribbed jersey.  

International Fashions (Contemporary) - International Fashions designs, produces and distributes quality garments to leading retailers in the world.