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Jessica Elliot - Embodies effortless glamour, with a playful attitude with modern contemporary edge.  
(Accessories, Contemporary, Designer/Bridge, Immediates, Jewelry)  

Jane Basch - Monograms, initials, nameplates, personalized jewelry fun, classic showing a womans personal style.  
(Accessories, Contemporary, Designer/Bridge, Immediates, Jewelry)  

Virgins Saints and Angels - Hand crafted in Mexico, infused with romance each piece tells a story. Classy and edgy makes a statement.
(Accessories, Contemporary, Designer/Bridge, Hair Accessories, Immediates, Jewelry)

Marcia Moran - Line from Brazil, 18k plated gold and rhodium plating. Druzy and semi precious stones.  
(Accessories, Contemporary, Designer/Bridge, Immediates, Jewelry)  

Consuela - Handcrafted in Mexico.  Known for its beautiful prints, mixes color, textures and patterns.  Motto:  "Live life in color."
(Accessories, Contemporary, Designer/Bridge, Handbags, Immediates)

Nakamol Chicago - On trend semi precious jewelry.

Accessorizit - Affordable fashion jewelry for the everyday women.

halo heart designs - unique bracelets that allow you to wear your words, that motivate, inspire and stylish.