The first ever L.A. Indian Fashion Week! I am excited ! I love discovering other cultures and greatly appreciate the wonderful diversity in fashion, food, and traditions. I think this is not only such a fabulous opportunity for Indian women but also for people who don't know a lot or appreciate Indian culture to get the latest fashion looks of India without having to travel there!

Hundreds of formal clothing items were presented alongside pieces of jewelry as a large crowd of fashion aficionados and curious onlookers strolled through the ballroom all afternoon. The Oct. 8 event, which featured multiple vendor booths and four fashion shows, was the culmination of a series of individual fashion events at Little India storefronts.

L.A. India Fashion Week, through it all, was designed to promote Indian fashion in the heart of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

“The heart of [L.A. India Fashion Week] is to promote Indian fashion. I’m bringing together vendors and designers from India, from local boutiques, and we have amazing fabrics,” Vasant told India-West.

Ziba Beauty’s Sumita Batra said the new L.A. India Fashion Week was the first of its kind in the country and could well grow into an event bridging Indian culture to non-Indian audiences.

“It’s great and convenient for people in L.A.,” Neeta Asija told India-West. “They don’t need to go back to India, and they can find the latest fashions right here.”