The recent Los Angeles Fashion Market was a sprawling affair with permanent showrooms and temporary exhibitors showing at trade shows showcasing everything from Immediate goods to Spring merchandise to a group of buyers that were predominantly local.

The New Mart Feels the Energy

Showrooms were buzzing at The New Mart. Buyers were placing solid orders and generally were positive.

“We’ve had the best market since our showroom was here,” said Suzie Hart, co-owner of the 12-year-old Niche Showroom.

Hart said boutiques remain positive despite the challenges of many bricks-and-mortar stores. “The boutiques are more customer-driven, which is reflected in their business,” she said.

She also credits the positive vibe she and her colleagues created for the recent fashion market. The showroom opened a day early on Sunday and offered brunch bites and frozen rosé wine—or frosés. On Monday, there were boozy frozen desserts such as vodka-smashed sorbets, and on Tuesday the showroom served tacos and frozen margaritas. “We made it entertaining,” Hart said with a laugh. “Positive energy brings positive sales.”

For The Landa Showroom, it was all about great prints and colors, which kept retailers coming in. Front and center stood the Aratta line, made with vibrant embroidered prints, mixed prints and bright colors. “Buyers have been attracted by prints and graphics,” said showroom owner Shana Landa Regenhardt.

They have also been attracted to kimonos, whimsical items and novelty denim with different washes and striped side seams such as the Dear John line, which wholesales for $34 to $39.

Designers and Agents

“The show grew, and we needed a new layout,” Kramer said.

This season, there were 38 new designer collections at the show, including lines from Europe and Japan.

“Monday was really busy and even now buyers are all over the place,” Kramer said on the last day of the show. “It’s been uplifting.”