What does everyone think about Fashion Nova's Klan Hooded Tunic as the name of their product ?

It caused a lot of controversy over the past couple days. Will it change your mind before buying their products? ... Most of their buyers are targeted toward the larger-sized population that has curves...so it doesn't really make sense to say that they were being racially insensitive toward their biggest market of buyers...? 

Fashion Nova is a fashion brand that used the network of social media influencers to become a serious household name. You can scroll through your Instagram daily and see your favorite celebrities showing off their “new” Fashion Nova jeans. Who can forget Cardi B.’s popular videos talking about how she keeps her cash by shopping at the budget-friendly online store.

Over the weekend, Fashion Nova took to their Instagram to show off their latest addition to their collection. While the new looks are usually met with loads of likes and rave reviews, their “Klan Hoodied Tunic" raised lots of brows.

The Sunday post on Instagram had many consumers righteously alarmed by the chosen name of the conveniently white/beige hoodie. Modeled by a lighter skinned model, the “Klan Hooded Tunic” received many comments screaming foul play at the hoodie, which seems to reference the white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), who are known for spreading hatred among African-American individuals while wearing white hoods.

More alarming, with the large amount of complaints, the post remained up and unedited until 11:30 a.m. EST Monday. 

“I keep checking to see if they pulled it and I can not believe it's still up!” expressed an upset Instagram commenter.

Apparently the brand cares nothing about the feelings of those who purchase from their large fashion brand. There were even accusations from a commenter who said their comments were deleted. If this is so, isn’t that forwarding the agenda to removing the First Amendment, which allows “free speech”? Things that make you say, hmmm…