Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyle is becoming more and more of a great reality !

Meg and Komie Vora live together, work together, eat together. And, always, the pair of millennial-age sisters do what they do as vegans. That includes the outfits they wear, culled from their own women’s luxury clothing line, Delikate Rayne.

Purchased items arrive with a hand-written note that might say, “Look at you saving the environment and looking badass while doing it.”

“They brought a great mix of East and West to Indian consumers for the lookbook through the stylish vegan fashions they chose,” says Benazir Suraiya, associate manager of celebrity and media projects for PETA India.

“These shoppers now know they can easily opt for luxurious looking synthetics and other animal-friendly materials. Meg and Komie really helped people see that compassion is always in fashion and that materials like vegan leather, faux fur, mock croc are easily available in Indian markets.”