Every day, seven tons of trash are collected in the Los Angeles Fashion District, up from six tons a day last year.

More trash on the streets is just one of the challenges that Rena Masten Leddy has had to encounter since becoming the new executive director last summer of the Los Angeles Fashion District Business Improvement District.

Other problems include the homeless who camp out on the streets and sidewalks every night and addressing crime in the district.

“Providing clean and safe services is 80 percent of our business,” said Leddy, who took over from Kent Smith, who stepped down as the executive director after heading up the BID for 17 years. When Smith first came on board, the district encompassed 56 blocks and had 300 business owners. Now it covers 100 blocks and has 1,000 business owners, who contribute funds for safety enforcement and clean-up crews as well as other services.