The New York Times recently shed light on the budding Los Angeles-based fashion brand, LPA. The lengthy spread highlighted founder Pia Lara Arrobio’s ability to build a thriving young label without sewing or making patterns for garments, noting that Ms. Arrobio “has people for that.” Those people fall under the umbrella of Alliance Apparel - a company whose model sheds light on a budding new way of building mini fashion conglomerates. 

Nestled in the heart of the Los Angeles Fashion District, Alliance Apparel is far from a small operation. In fact, the company, which was founded in 2014 by designers – and brand builders – Mitch Moseley and Raissa Gerona, is in expansion mode. As a fashion design and production company, Alliance Apparel is the force behind 13 labels buzzy brands– including Arrobio’s own celebrity-favored line. Also on Alliance Apparel’s roster: Lovers + Friends, Tularosa, NBD, Raye, Privacy Please, L'Academie, Grlfrnd Denim, Majorelle, and h:ours, among others.