If you love Mother Earth as much as you love fashion, then you will swoon for this sustainability idea. I think that it is magnificent to recycle old clothes that are no longer worn! I would love to see Eileen Fisher come to LA while continuing to  inspire other companies to join in.

“Eileen Fisher has never been trend-driven,” said Horwitz. “We pick up tags that are 30 years old, and it’s still in style today. We think that strikes a chord with a certain customer.”

"In 2009, Eileen Fisher began asking for its clothing back in order to minimize the brand’s contribution to textile waste. Customers hanging onto Eileen Fisher items from any year and in any condition can bring them to a store or mail them in, getting a $5 gift card per garment in exchange. The clothing is then sent to one of two recycling centers owned by the brand in Seattle and New York to be sorted by damage."