Data Science by Dan Gutierrez of Amulet Analytics

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# 44831: Jewelry stores
# 44819: Other clothing stores
# 44821: Shoe stores
# 44814: Family clothing stores
# 44811: Men's clothing stores
# 44815: Clothing accessories stores
# 44813: Children's & infants' clothing stores
# 44812: Women's clothing stores
# 44832: Luggage & leather goods stores
# 315: Mfg
# 4243: Apparel, piece goods & notions
# 313: Textile mills

In an effort to balance out the recurring message we're hearing about the demise of the LA fashion industry, The New Mart chose to take this raging bull by the horns and drill-down into the data to see what story it tells.

The LA Times ran a doom-and-gloom piece on April 15, "The Exodus Has Begun," where metrics were stated that seemed to demonstrate the slide of LA Fashion. We went back to the original source data: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a treasure trove of data sets designed to provide an analytical picture of various aspect of the U.S. economy.

We extracted quarterly data for the number of apparel industry business establishments along with wage data. The range of data was from the first quarter 2012 until the third quarter 2015. The data visualizations below tell a story about the health of the industry. 

The visualization "LA County Fashion Industry Business Establishment Count by Quarter" shows a stable level of businesses for most industry codes, with the exception of slight dip for apparel manufacturing, and a steady rise for Apparel, Piece Goods and Notions. 

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