Go ahead, laugh about Cam Newton's sometimes outrageous outfits. The NFL star can laugh about it, and even enjoys some of the online memes have made him the butt of their jokes.

"Some of them are funny. But it is what it is. You've got to be lighthearted about it. You can't take it personal," the Carolina Panthers quarterback said in a recent interview. "You to have to deal with certain things. And a meme is one of them. Fortunately and unfortunately. Look at Michael Jordan. He has one of the most popular memes of them all — but I don't think he's crying in the corner somewhere."

The 27-year-old Carolina Panthers star spoke on the set of a Buick commercial set to air during the first quarter of the Super Bowl. He was filming alongside a pee-wee football team in Los Angeles outside a museum with supermodel Miranda Kerr.