suite 1103
Rande Cohen Showroom

Rande Cohen, Julie Mandell

Phone 213.489.3044
Fax 213.683.0477

PJ Salvage - Loungewear, sleepwear and accessories.
(Accessories, immediates, Loungewear, Sleepwear, Immediates) -

Peace Love World - This is a feel good line with a Peace Love World message. Contemporary accessories and lifestyle clothing that you want to put on. Boheme collection, sophisticated flowing tops and bottoms.
(Accessories, immediates, Pants/Bottoms)

Wooden Ships - Variety of sweaters in different weaves, styles and colors.

lola & sophie - Feminine sophisticated tops, jackets and pants.
(Coats/Outerwear, Pants/Bottoms, Tops)

Oats Cashmere - Men's and women's cashmere sweaters and accessories.
(Accessories, Menswear, Sweaters/Knitwear, Immediates)

Lori Jack - Crystal embellished flip flops.
(Footwear, Immediates)

Joed Belts - Handmade belts, embellished and plain leather. Vintage inspired.
(Belts, Immediates)

Old Gringo Boots - Handmade, incredible men's and women' s fashion and cowboy boots. Very unique.
(Footwear, Menswear, Immediates)

Lisa Carrier Candles - Decorative candles.

An Old Soul - Semi-precious stones and crystal jewelry collection.
(Jewelry, Accessories)