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Velvet Heart

Jordan Tsabag
Moshe Tsabag
Ben Kaczor
Jackie bartolo
rimpel lail
Brittany Bostick

Phone 213.689.5050
Fax 213.689.3133

Velvet Heart - A contemporary women's clothing line with a focus on a casual lifestyle, has become the brand to look for when a woman wants great fitting denim in a variety of finishes and the shirting to go with them. Jackets and dresses designed to complement the brand are also available.      
(Denim/Jeans, Dresses, Shirts, Tops)

Free Heart - A Denim Collection.
(Casualwear, Contemporary, Dresses, Denim/Jeans, Juniors, Pants/Bottoms, Shirts, Skirts, Sportswear, Tops, T-Shirts, Tunics, Vintage)

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