Showroom: Charlene K JewelryLocation: Suite 1007

Charlene K was founded in 2006 by Teong Kay and his wife Gigi and named after their daughter, Charlene. Teong Kay, has been in the fashion industry for over 30 years. He founded the couture, luxurious dress line Mandalay, as well as popular 2 dress lines before starting Charlene K.

Our luxurious pieces are handmade with rich colors, quality materials and classic detail for the chic, feminine and edgy customer. We are almost entirely produced in Los Angeles with 14K gold over sterling silver, 14K rose gold over sterling silver, sterling silver and semiprecious, precious and rare stones. We carry a lot of stock and our collections are always on the cusp of the trends. We have the best genuine stone collection we have sourced from around the world.

Classy and sophisticated, Charlene K jewelry is perfect for any occasion. It enables one to exude confidence and feminine allure in whatever milieu. No wonder, it has become a favorite among celebrities.