Showroom: perlmanRepLocation: Suite 1205

My Company is Perlmanrep, but I also own International Brands in America.

INTERNATIONAL BRANDS IN AMERICA and Perlmanrep are brand management companies. We have helped many brands from other countries launch into the North American marketplace. INTERNATIONAL BRANDS IN AMERICA is managed by Perlmanrep, a very active sales agency on the West Coast. We travel to all the US trade shows, including New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Chicago. In addition, Perlmanrep has relationships with department stores and chain stores throughout the United States & Canada. We oversee brands like Molly Bracken and Fame & Partners and sell for JAG & Silver Jeans. We pride ourselves on seeing west coast retailers in their stores or local shows.


  • Molly Bracken
  • Lili Sidonio
  • Silver Jeans
  • JAG
  • Fame & Partners