Showroom: The New Mart Inc.Location: Suite 801

The New Mart Building began its incarnation as the Harris Newmark Building. Designed by famed architects Curlett & Beelman, it was dedicated by Mr. Newmark’s sons in his honor when it was completed in 1926. Harris Newmark, who died in 1916, was one of the city’s earliest leaders, a generous philanthropist and the founder of many charitable organizations still in existence.

At twelve stories tall and 160 feet high it was the first high rise to be built in downtown Los Angeles. Located in the center of today’s Fashion District, for many years it served as a posh location for retail stores, offices and manufacturing. Manufacturers Bank was founded at this location to service the local apparel manufacturers. Sam’s Deli was a popular eatery and watering hole for decades, with patrons lining up on the street to wait for a table.

Tom Keefer |