Showroom: Ukrainian Fashion ForwardLocation: Suite 200

Ukraine’s creative spirit continues to flourish as the country continues to resist the Russian invasion. Nowhere is this more evident in the vibrant fashion sector. The Ukraine Fashion Forward (UFF) project have brought 9 Ukrainian fashion brands to participate in LA Market Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week Powered by Arts Hearts this Month.

Each of these 9 companies has a unique story of courage and passion as they continue to manufacture, even as the war rages on. The fashion brands reflect the designers’ deep roots and ties to Ukrainian culture, both traditional and contemporary. Their unique and exciting creations are a testament to the determination of a people to remain free.

UFF is set up not only to provide exposure for the brands but also to help the companies create lasting business ties that will allow the country to rebuild and thrive once peace returns. Leading Los Angeles fashion business experts and mentors will work with the companies to help them with market analysis, marketing, sales and distribution. Because of the business focus, more than 90 Ukrainian companies applied for UFF and the top 9 are coming to Los Angeles.

The New Mart and Fashion Techworks partner with Ukraine Fashion Forward (UFF) to showcase 9 Ukrainian brands to retail buyers and other fashion leaders. These 9 brands will be exhibiting their collections from March 11-14 on the 2nd floor of the New Mart , SUITE 200. These 9 companies will end the month showcasing their brands at Los Angeles Fashion Week Powered by Arts Hearts Fashion with a dedicated Ukrainian focused fashion show on Friday March 22nd, 2024.