Held the last Friday of each month & every Friday in December.

During sample sales, some showrooms will sell their samples at discounted prices, and accept cash ONLY. Each showroom keeps its own hours, which are approximately 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  SHOPPERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE BUILDING BEFORE 7:00 AM.

The New Mart is located at 127 East Ninth Street, Los Angeles, California 90015, between Main and Los Angeles Streets. Parking is located on Main Street and Ninth. Entrances to the neighboring parking lot are located on both Main Street and Ninth Street.

The following is a list of showrooms who have indicated that they will participate in MOST sample sales. The New Mart has no more current information than that contained here. There is no guaranty that any showroom, or the lines they carry will participate in any month. It is advised that you refer to this list during and just before the next sample sale to see the most accurate list of participants. 

Remaining 2017 SAMPLE SALES:

 27-Oct    24-Nov    1-Dec    8-Dec   15-Dec    22-Dec    29-Dec


Upcoming Sample Sale Participants:

503 AHQ - Accessory Headquarters

1201 Allen Allen USA

907 Barbara James Showroom

813 Bernadette Mopera & Co.

1108 Blankslate

1007 Charlene K Jewelry

1107 Chan Luu 

509 Chantal Accessories Inc.

807 Corina Collections

613 Daniel Rainn

1206 Dressed 2 Kill/Jude/David Cline

1011 FashionLink

703 Fidelity Denim

506 FSI

709 Hale Bob

607 Hard Tail

1004 Jackie B Showroom

807 Janelle Moore Sales

602 Joken Style Showroom

711 Kathy Walker Sales

1204 Karen Kane

704 KLA Showroom

904 La Rue Showroom

409 Lucky Brand

1203 Lynn Girard Showroom

1005 Mary Minser Sales

406 Michael Bush - LA Apparel

1100 Miss Me


708 Necessitees Apparel

901 Niche Showroom

1103 Rande Cohen Showroom

1002 Representing Showroom

906 s.a.m Showroom

802 Salt & Pepper Sales

1006 Sky

600 ShowroomFive21

909 Sue Goodman Showroom

1005 The GIG Showroom

406 The M Showroom

921 the residency.

1110 Three Dots

1106 The Village Showroom

1208 Tommy Bahama

407 Topson Downs

800 Valerie Hambas Showroom

1101 WBC Clothing

1104 Z Supply