Designers & Agents

showing four times a year at THE NEW MART

Now in its 16th year, is an international trade event and leading force in the fashion industry, with shows in New York and Los Angeles. A key destination for international retailers and designers who lead the way in the advanced contemporary and emerging designer market, D&A is known for its careful curation of each category, with a focused point of view in womens ready to wear, accessories, and lifestyle. Each season D&A presents over 300 brands from the United States, Europe, Japan and around the world.

D&A is excited to launch a new initiative beginning with the Fall ‘16  Los Angeles show, which will provide an additional option for brands interested in joining us in LA. arena will be a dedicated space within the show that offers an informal atmosphere and set up in a loft like setting. This new segment will provide an opportunity for brands interested in participating to do so in a cost effective way.  It will be a way for newcomers and established brands to have a presence in Los Angeles at D&A with an accessible cost and all the benefits of the show; the best retail audience and a highly curated roster. arena will be an open, pared down space for ready to wear, jewelry, accessory and lifestyle brands.  Participation will require advance screening and be based upon arena availability.

The New Mart is proud to host D&A during each Los Angeles market week (except August).

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